Month: January 2012

We’ll be back, right after this

There is lots to update you on the Pink House progress, but since we’re still digging our belongings out of boxes and working to get internet hooked up, our postings will be a tad sporadic for the next week. Please bear with us and you shall be rewarded with a boatload of updates! Photos! Exclamation points! The works!


And it snowed

We’re still living in a sea of boxes and chaos, and yesterday we woke up to snow. Not just only the first snow to fall this winter, but the first snow to fall on our sidewalk since it officially became ours. And of course, we didn’t have any salt.

The Shower of Sadness

Wednesday was our first night at the house with most of our stuff. Some last minute things are still not finished and the shower in our micro-bathroom (more on this amazing architectural marvel in a later post) had not yet been dealt with.

The next morning, I scrambled around for a towel (settling for a retired bath towel now used for cleaning) and went on to use the shower. I turned on the hot water and waited. And  waited. And then realized it was as hot as it was going to get. I turned on the shower and figured the trickle of warm water was going to have to do.

This morning, back to the shower of sadness I went; the location of the box of towels still unknown. The new shower head was a reprieve from the trickle of the old one, but I guess it doesn’t much matter when there really isn’t enough hot water to wash off the soap.

I’ve been working crazy long hours on a project and been coming home feeling like a drunk zombie. Two more weeks and the project will be over and I will have all the time in the world to hunt down some towels and give the boiler a good stern talking to.

Moving on

Tomorrow is moving day. For some reason, I can’t bear the thought of our  friends catching a glimpse of our dust bunny farm we were growing under the couch and under the bed. So I decided to clean (clean!) before we move. I know it makes no sense, but it makes me feel better. After all, we were not raised in a barn (at least I don’t think we were….)

1 Month

Our old house. While we're excited to move, it is also very hard to say goodbye to our awesome home for the past 6 years.

Today we have owned the Pink Lady for one month and moving day is looming closer. As a result, activity at the hosue is focused mostly on getting our duplex cleaned up and some basic fixes out of the way because as the layers are peeled away, new problems sprout. For instance, we found out that the only thing holding up the toilet on the third floor was the sewer pipe. The previous owner did some repairs and patched up the floor with plaster (a fine material for covering walls – not so much for flooring).  The hubs is keeping things moving by finishing the floors and taking care of all the little things that need to be done in order to make the place at least livable (like having a working shower).

French Doors

I realize that most of my posts seem to be about floors – so let’s mix it up with some doors!

A couple of weeks ago we scored a free pair of French doors on the interwebs. The idea was to use them to create a separation between the bedroom and the living room in the garden apartment.

It used to look like this:

Looking through archway from bedroom to living room

The existing archway was not at all in keeping with the character of the house, since there are no archways anywhere else. Best we can tell, the archway was probably created around the 1930s, because the material used (rock lath, the precursor of drywall) was smushed in it among the original lath wall. Besides not matching the rest of the house, the archway  provided zero privacy for the sleeping area. It was time for it to go.

A little fun was had with demolition and the helping hand of a friend.

The arch is no more

Enter the awesome vintage French doors. With a little trimming (the doors were mismatched and needed to be cut so that the glass panels lined up properly), we now have this:

Doors in place

There is still some finishing work that needs to happen, but overall I’m super psyched about these doors!