We’ll be back, right after this

There is lots to update you on the Pink House progress, but since we’re still digging our belongings out of boxes and working to get internet hooked up, our postings will be a tad sporadic for the next week. Please bear with us and you shall be rewarded with a boatload of updates! Photos! Exclamation […]

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And it snowed

We’re still living in a sea of boxes and chaos, and yesterday we woke up to snow. Not just only the first snow to fall this winter, but the first snow to fall on our sidewalk since it officially became ours. And of course, we didn’t have any salt.

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The Shower of Sadness

Wednesday was our first night at the house with most of our stuff. Some last minute things are still not finished and the shower in our micro-bathroom (more on this amazing architectural marvel in a later post) had not yet been dealt with. The next morning, I scrambled around for a towel (settling for a […]

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Moving on

Tomorrow is moving day. For some reason, I can’t bear the thought of our  friends catching a glimpse of our dust bunny farm we were growing under the couch and under the bed. So I decided to clean (clean!) before we move. I know it makes no sense, but it makes me feel better. After […]

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1 Month

Today we have owned the Pink Lady for one month and moving day is looming closer. As a result, activity at the hosue is focused mostly on getting our duplex cleaned up and some basic fixes out of the way because as the layers are peeled away, new problems sprout. For instance, we found out […]

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French Doors

I realize that most of my posts seem to be about floors – so let’s mix it up with some doors! A couple of weeks ago we scored a free pair of French doors on the interwebs. The idea was to use them to create a separation between the bedroom and the living room in […]

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Making a powder room

The previous owners had turned the parlor floor bathroom into a closet. For some reason, they never removed the tiles or the porcelain soap dish. Our plan is to turn it back into a bathroom: a pretty bathroom that respects the period of the house. Step 1 into turning a bathroom-turned-closed back into a bathroom? […]

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Floor choices….

The floor by the garden level entrance used to look like this: Unfortunately, the previous owner used actual cement to lay the tiles over the existing wood floors. His sandwich consisted of original floor/linoleum/wire mesh/cement/ugly ass tile. Once we removed all this, the floors looked like this: The floor boards were brittle and dry rotted […]

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