Throwing caution to the wind

It’s impossible not to be excited about spring when this is the first thing we see when we wake up: Sure conventional wisdom cautions against planting too early. Freak snowstorms or icy frost can kill even the hardiest of plants. But last week common sense was not at an all time high around here. As […]

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Home renovation and The Princess Bride

I came across a blog post on “Lines from The Princess Bride that could double as comments on freshman composition papers.” I think  many things said in the movie aptly represent things uttered during the home (or castle) renovation process. For example: “I do not suppose you could speed things up?” Because everything takes much longer […]

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The Micro-Bathroom

Bathrooms in brownstones are notoriously tiny, and our micro-bathroom is no exception. Coming in at a spacious 52 inches by 64 inches, it features a full size tub, a pedestal sink, a toilet and no standing room to speak of. The space is so small there is no room for a toilet paper holder, and […]

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Spring has sprung

I’m ridiculously excited that winter is officially over. In about 2 days, the tree in front of the house went from this… … to this: and delicious squirrel food apparently… And because no post is gratuitous fun, this is also a reminder that I need to prune a few branches of the tree that are […]

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Broken bit of history?

We were poking around the backyard this weekend, looking for signs of perennial plants and came across something not so leafy. It looks to be part of a bayonet I’m not sure there is any way to tell if this is the real deal or a reproduction. But in any case, it was a cool […]

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It’s been unseasonably warm and lovely this month, so it’s time to thaw out the back yard. Among the junk treasurers left behind by the previous owner were these awesome rust covered decrepit vintage motel chairs. I have no idea what the backyard is going to look like when we’re done with it, but it […]

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3 months

It seems that all we’ve done for the past trimester is work on the house. We haven’t really gone anywhere, done anything, or seen much of our friends. We have made some progress, particularly in the garden apartment. But the list continues, and as always the biggest to do remains to win the lottery – […]

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