Fireplace tile clean-up

The fireplace in the garden apartment looks like this: It seems OK, until you take a closer look: Varnish is splashed all over the tile. On the floor, the tile just looks sad. Sure, this tile is over 100 years old but it still has some life in it. Enter my favorite tool in the […]

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Yes I am that person

This makes me insanely happy. Giggly even! Behold all of the paint colors available in Behr paint. It took me three separate trips to Home Depot to collect every single Behr paint chip. The stack became so tall I could no longer hold it in my hand – and didn’t want to risk stashing it […]

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Project Grape

We have a mature grape (tree? vine? bush?) in the backyard. This makes me super happy because it brings back so many childhood memories – besides, how cool is it to be able to grow your own grapes? Even though we are super excited over the possibility of grapes, we’re much less excited about the […]

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Color Scheme Fail

My grand plan of a subtle tone-on-tone color palette  was a colossal fail. The Granny Smith White is just too white to play off the bright white starting at the picture molding. I was afraid of going too dark, given the current dark-ish industrial beige currently on the wall.

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Actual shades of gray

I’ve been a tad obsessed with the color gray… the actual color – get your mind out of the gutter. We shall not discuss how I ran into Barnes & Noble last week in dire need of a bathroom, only to find an absurdly long line thanks to the massive crows that were there for […]

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Garden Kitchen

For the past 20 years, our house has been configured as a lower duplex with a top floor rental. Having lived under people for 95% of our married life, it was time to change that. We decided to reconfigure the Pink Lady into a Garden rental and an owner’s duplex on the parlor and top […]

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The entryway in our parlor floor has a lot going for it, yet is suffers from a constant malaise of gloominess. Brownstones are notoriously dark given the lack of side windows, and even though our front door is about 50% glass, this is still a dark and moody part of the house. The skylight above […]

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