Old House Shelter at Home

What strange times we live in. Going outside our front gate feels dangerous and transgressive. We are homebodies at heart so the social distancing doesn’t feel particularly taxing, especially considering the barrage of heartbreaking news of the mounting death toll and the truly heroic work being done by healthcare professionals. Yes we miss our friends, but staying at home is really not that bad. We have a home. We have books, the internet, a bunch of cats, food, and each other. We’re good.

There is lots I could say about the current situation we, as a country, find ourselves in. There is plenty of prognosticating and conjecturing to be done about how this situation was handled. I will leave that to the pundits. I will just say this: Stay home.

Ok, moving on.


Yesterday the governor extended the ‘New York on Pause’ order through May 15. Since we’ll be hunkered down for the next little while, thought this would be a good time to dust off the ol’bloggy and start posting again. Seems like a good time to catch up on what we’ve done over the past year, and to share some projects we are currently working on that feel oddly appropriate for our current times.

Post will go up every other evening, starting tonight. Until then, pat yourselves on the back, we made it through another week.

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