The Great Before: Garden Level

Take a tour of our house the day after we closed.

Our house is still fairly intact in terms of layout. Not a lot of walls were removed (thankfully!) and for most part the details are largely intact (a few notable and regrettable things missing: the two original ice boxes, the built ins in the top floor dining room and the butler’s pantry next to the original kitchen in the garden level).

Incidentally, the garden level is the most altered. Originally it was the floor with the kitchen and dining room for the owner’s duplex. I can’t speak for the time between 1910 and 1930s, when the house was a 3-family rental, but I do know that the previous owner retained the garden/parlor duplex layout.


Photo taken from real estate listing – kitchen. The faux brick behind the oven conceals the location where the cast iron wood burning stove would have been. Some houses still retain their original cast iron stove, but ours is long gone. I will let that floor tile speak for itself (can’t you hear it shouting at you?)

Dining room

From the real estate listing – dining room looking into the kitchen. Note built in on the left side of frame. This is all that is left from the original butler’s pantry/pass thorugh. 

Living room

From the real estate listing  – living room. Originally this would have been the dining room. We inherited that couch, which had to be disassembled to get out. The flower arrangement was donated to a photographer friend, who turned it into art somehow.