Old House Shelter at Home

What strange times we live in. Going outside our front gate feels dangerous and transgressive. We are homebodies at heart so the social distancing doesn’t feel particularly taxing, especially considering the barrage of heartbreaking news of the mounting death toll and the truly heroic work being done by healthcare professionals. Yes we miss our friends, […]

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Once Upon a Cabinet

(23 hours in Indiana, +759 miles, give or take) It all started with a semi-boring weekend afternoon about a month ago. Scrolling through Instagram I came across a massive cabinet. It was perfect for our new kitchen (the one that we’ve been talking about for ages but have not done a thing about). It was […]

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Creaky Stairs

We have a post up on Bronwstoner this week about our creaky stairs and how we fixed them (I’ll link to the article once it goes up). As a bonus feature, here you can hear the loudness of our stairs in all of their creepy glory (volume up!)    

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Fireplace Summer Cover

For some reason, the previous owners replaced the original fireplace summer cover with a modern brass fireplace surround. Luckily, the original cover was still in the cellar, albeit covered in a million layers of paint.

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Pardon the dust (again)

Just like any home renovation project, this is going to get  messy before it gets better. Bear with me for a sec while I tidy up the ol’ blog and clear the backlog of posts that have been hanging out in the drafts folder for much too long…

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Much ado about toilets

Progress in the parlor bathroom has been, well…. essentially none. Part of the holdup is that I can’t decide what toilet to buy. I know we want a high tank toilet. But beyond that, the logical brain and the lizard brain are in great conflict. Scott won’t let me have an actual old toilet (I […]

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Front parlor floor

Our house has many beautiful period details: mantels, moldings, pier mirrors, wainscoting… but the floors are a whole different matter. When we moved, every single room had some kind of floor covering. The third floor, was all stick-on tile. The parlor floor was mostly parquet laminate and ceramic tile and the same for the garden […]

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