And then it was March

It’s been a strange winter, and with this week warm-up, it’s time to take stock of the back yard. Every year, it gets a bandaid and a promise that a full redo is in sight. This year, we’re making it happen. (or so we tell ourselves).

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A (very long) post about drainage

Water will do what water wants to do. Water is a formidable adversary. Water seems to like our basement. Yes. We have issues with water. After a good rain, our backyard used to look like this: If you are familiar with Brooklyn brownstones, you know that they were typically built over a stone cellar. You […]

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IKEA Table x The Elements

Our outdoor Ikea table was looking a little rough after a couple of years out in the elements. The sun/rain/heat/squirrels were definitely getting the best of it. We decided this was an easy enough thing to do over the course of one Sunday afternoon  – and while we frequently grossly mis-calculate how long something will take […]

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Early Stages of a Garden

It’s been a cold, long winter in New York City. Yesterday was the first day of spring. Next week, we will likely be smacked upside the head with a Nor’easter once again. I am so done with the Polar Vortex.  This time last year, I was already playing in the dirt. This year, however, I’ve […]

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Digging (a worm) hole

Planting anything in our back yard is an adventure. Over the  years, a lot of junk was buried back there, evidenced by the fact that it’s nearly impossible to dig a hole and  not find anything unusual. Last year we dug up a bayonet, a bath tub and  bicycle handlebar. This year, I offer up […]

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Back Yard 2013

I love having outside space. I missed it so much in all those years of apartment living. A major redo of the yard is in the future, when we build a deck and become all fancy. In the mean time the space is as utilitarian as the fire escape ladder we use to get to […]

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Project Grape

We have a mature grape (tree? vine? bush?) in the backyard. This makes me super happy because it brings back so many childhood memories – besides, how cool is it to be able to grow your own grapes? Even though we are super excited over the possibility of grapes, we’re much less excited about the […]

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Digging for gold

With this amazing weather, it’s been hard to focus on inside work. The backyard has been screaming for attention, and attention it got this weekend. As is the case with everything at our house, nothing is ever easy or simple. So, true to form,  what started as planing a few tomato plants ended up being a […]

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Throwing caution to the wind

It’s impossible not to be excited about spring when this is the first thing we see when we wake up: Sure conventional wisdom cautions against planting too early. Freak snowstorms or icy frost can kill even the hardiest of plants. But last week common sense was not at an all time high around here. As […]

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Broken bit of history?

We were poking around the backyard this weekend, looking for signs of perennial plants and came across something not so leafy. It looks to be part of a bayonet I’m not sure there is any way to tell if this is the real deal or a reproduction. But in any case, it was a cool […]

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