One bold step

Our brownstone is pink. Well, at the moment it’s mostly pink, as the paint is peeling in large chunks. Yep, it’s starting to look really bad. Not only does it look bad, but paint is also bad for the brownstone itself. It traps moisture and causes the stone to basically turn into sand. Not good. […]

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Spring has sprung

I’m ridiculously excited that winter is officially over. In about 2 days, the tree in front of the house went from this… … to this: and delicious squirrel food apparently… And because no post is gratuitous fun, this is also a reminder that I need to prune a few branches of the tree that are […]

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We closed on the house on the 15th of December. The week leading up to it as well as pretty much every day thereafter have been full of house-related activity. Because of this,  Christmas and all of its accouterments was  the farthest thing from our minds. Yes, we are bad people. As the bad Christmas […]

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Hello there

Meet the Pink Lady. She is a 2-family brownstone in Brooklyn and she is also our new home. We have been wanting a house for a very very long time. We started looking in earnest this past summer when it seemed as the confluence of super low interest rates and lower property prices was just […]

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