Much ado about toilets

Progress in the parlor bathroom has been, well…. essentially none. Part of the holdup is that I can’t decide what toilet to buy. I know we want a high tank toilet. But beyond that, the logical brain and the lizard brain are in great conflict.

Scott won’t let me have an actual old toilet (I already made that argument multiple times and have been vetoed every time – something about the possibility of leaking sewage and such). Continue reading

A tale of broken pipes, or the end of the Shower of Sadness

Buying an old house is an adventure. Buying a house that needs work is like starring in your very own disater/horror movie: fun, but requires a certain amount of, um… intestinal fortitude. Thus far, our nemesis has been plumbing: our pipes simply are all manner of disgruntled. After the great Poop Gate of 2012, we thought we had the major plumbing issues behind us, but it was not to be so.

Plumbing has thus far consumed a major portion of our home reno budget. Sure it’s great not to have a feces-filled basement,or a gas explosion in the foyer – however these are all decidedly un-sexy things. It’s stuff that happens in the background and really doesn’t improve the house’s appearance (only its function and its comfort, after all it’s pretty nice to take a hot shower).

The plumbers finished up on Friday and we’re now a fully functioning household. The Shower of Sadness has been banished from existence, the gas leak has been fixed and the washer/drier/laundry tub have been hooked up. We’re like grown ups now! No more cold showers and smelly clothes!