Lucky Find

Lots of work happening at the house over the weekend – floors and painting galore, post to come soon. Till then, check out what we found in the cellar:

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A bad case of the Mondays

(a random newspaper find) Searching old documents online is awfully convenient. Digitized books, directories and newspapers are key in piecing together the history of a building and the people who lived there, and while the technology is pretty good (certainly beats sitting in a basement, sifting through microfiche), it’s far from perfect. The keyword search […]

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Soap dispenser

You know when you buy stuff and stash it away for future use, then you forget you bought it until you come across it years later? That is exactly that happened with this liquid soap container. I purchased it years ago, well before we bought the Pink Lady. Growing up, these were the standard soap dispensers […]

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