Silly deadlines…

Nothing like a looming deadline of house guests to entice one to take a (huge) detour from projects that need to be completed The past couple of weekends were dedicated to a place a guest will never see: the area under the stoop. (yes, we didn’t think this through)

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I’m told that our neighborhood boasts some of the largest collection of original ironwork in all of Brooklyn. Rows upon rows of ornate stoop railings in block after block of brownstone homes. As is the case with pretty much every surface of our house, our railings are caked up with paint and they are peeling. […]

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Throwing caution to the wind

It’s impossible not to be excited about spring when this is the first thing we see when we wake up: Sure conventional wisdom cautions against planting too early. Freak snowstorms or icy frost can kill even the hardiest of plants. But last week common sense was not at an all time high around here. As […]

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