Soap dispenser

Soap dispenser box

You know when you buy stuff and stash it away for future use, then you forget you bought it until you come across it years later? That is exactly that happened with this liquid soap container. I purchased it years ago, well before we bought the Pink Lady.

Glass soap dispenser2

Growing up, these were the standard soap dispensers in Brazilian public restrooms. While going to a public bathroom was a gross experience, getting to use the soap dispenser was something I always enjoyed. Yes, weird child I was. Anyway, this thing mounts to the wall, and when you want some soap, you flip it upside down, while holding your hand under it. Gravity does the rest and flips it back to its upright position.

Glass Soap Dispenser

Pretty excited to find this (again). It will eventually be put to use in our powder room. Not totally period appropriate, but making an exception on the account of nostalgia.