Yes I am that person

This makes me insanely happy. Giggly even!

Behold all of the paint colors available in Behr paint.

It took me three separate trips to Home Depot to collect every single Behr paint chip. The stack became so tall I could no longer hold it in my hand – and didn’t want to risk stashing it in my purse and it falling out of order. After the wishy-washiness of trying to find the perfect shade of non-commital for our entry hallway, I decided life would way better if I just had all the colors available (not to mention it would be much cheaper, since it’s basically impossible for me to go into a hardware store and not buy anything).

The husband thought this was ridiculous at first. I reminded him that it could be much worse: I could be hoarding diamonds. Since paint chips are free, that was the last he ever spoke of it (and I have seen him eying my stash…)

A side note on paint: as is the case with anything, you get what you pay for. I find that Behr paint does the job better than cheaper brands (Glidden, I’m talking to you), plus it comes in a low VOC formula as well. Colors such as red are a pain in the ass to paint evenly, so buy expensive paint if you’re going in that direction. Because I’m basically lazy, I prefer to be able to buy paint at the hardware store. Maybe someday I will put on my fancy pants and go to the paint store. Until then, Behr will have to do.

Actual shades of gray

I’ve been a tad obsessed with the color gray… the actual color – get your mind out of the gutter. We shall not discuss how I ran into Barnes & Noble last week in dire need of a bathroom, only to find an absurdly long line thanks to the massive crows that were there for the 50 Shades of Gray lady. No we shall not mention that at all.

This wall has since been repaired and painted (white), yet not even crappy books can shake my love of gray. I suppose it could be worse… it could be pink!