Better than a Virgin Mary on toast

There has been an awful lot of paint stripping here at the Pink Lady. It’s a slow process, more or less like picking at a giant never ending scab. Good thing that I am a closeted scab picker.

Anyway, sometimes after staring at paint in its various stages of un-painting, shapes begin to appear. This is by far my favorite one:

Charlie Chaplin with rabbit ears

It’s on the window of the bathroom air shaft. We’re working on peeling back the years of paint to let in some light in. I almost feel bad for making Charlie go away.

Honorable mention goes to this one, which appeared on the mantel of the top floor fireplace:

Dog sniffing another dog’s butt

(the paint is basically just flaking off. The dark brown spots are  the remains of the old varnish. Seems like it reacted with the paint and became very wrinkly. A bit of elbow grease with some steel wool makes it all go away. For the more intricate parts I’ve been using Peel Away 7, mineral spirits and extra doses of patience. A more detailed post on the stripping of the fire place mantel coming soon).


A glimmer of hope

There are some interesting color choices in our house. We named this one Crayola-Flesh-Color-Crayon, and it covers the walls, doors, window shutters (more on these in a later post), and all the trim work in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Luckily, whomever painted this some years ago didn’t use any primer. The paint just comes right off.

It took me about 20 minutes to pick the pain that is missing from the door trim. It was like picking at a scab: totally addictive – which is a good thing given the amount of woodwork in the house.