Lost & Found: toy gun

Pocket doors are a great place to find things. Usually it’s overgrown dust bunnies, but every now and then a more interesting find awaits. Our house has 6 sets of pocket doors: one on the garden level, 3 on the parlor and 2 on top. The first set of doors, off the parlor entry, has a musty smell problem. When temperatures rise, an odor that can best be described as “old house funk” wafts from the crevice between the walls. It’s not terrible, but mildly unpleasant.  In an attempt to make the smell go away, we decided to clean between the walls. Using the vacuum cleaner and a long hose, this thing appeared:

Toy Gun

Having the vacuum hose clogged by a gun-looking object is a bit of a scary experience. Luckily after a closer look, we realized it’s just a toy. There are no markings on it to indicate who made it, but it seems to have been  mass-produced. Here is a photo of the other side, which got a bit rusty:

Toy Gun rust