TBT: Wallpaper

I love peeling back the layers of our house, unearthing little clues about the past. In a recent kitchen refresh ( swear I’ll post about it soon), we came across this teeny tiny piece of wallpaper. (Hand shown for scale)


(I really should moisturize)

The little fragment was hiding behind the stove, well, behind where the stove currently is. As you can see from the original floor plan, it seems the stove is now where the double sink used to be. This may explain why the plaster was all messed up and the last little remnant of the long gone wallpaper basically just fell off the wall.

Original Floorplan

(yes, I need to write about finding the original floor plans to our house. I will. Promise!)

Anyway, the wallpaper doesn’t look to be Victorian. I’m not an expert, but to me it looks like something from the 20s or 30s. The piece is so small, it’s hard to tell if the pattern was little, or if the surviving nugget just happens to show a misleading piece of the design. I did a quick check on Second Hand Rose’s website and didn’t find anything similar. Regardless, it goes into the curio of the life and times of the Pink Lady.



Lost & Found: toy gun

Pocket doors are a great place to find things. Usually it’s overgrown dust bunnies, but every now and then a more interesting find awaits. Our house has 6 sets of pocket doors: one on the garden level, 3 on the parlor and 2 on top. The first set of doors, off the parlor entry, has a musty smell problem. When temperatures rise, an odor that can best be described as “old house funk” wafts from the crevice between the walls. It’s not terrible, but mildly unpleasant.  In an attempt to make the smell go away, we decided to clean between the walls. Using the vacuum cleaner and a long hose, this thing appeared:

Toy Gun

Having the vacuum hose clogged by a gun-looking object is a bit of a scary experience. Luckily after a closer look, we realized it’s just a toy. There are no markings on it to indicate who made it, but it seems to have been  mass-produced. Here is a photo of the other side, which got a bit rusty:

Toy Gun rust

Lost & Found: Mad Libs with “Use At Your Own Risk” bottle

In the process of restoring our house, we have found quite a few random items hidden in the nooks and crannies. While I’m still holding out for a stash of money in the floor boards, each new find is super exciting because it provides clues to the previous lives of those lived here before us. To catalogue what we’ve found, I’m going to take a page from Throw Back Thursday and post one item per week (yes, I know today is Tuesday). Here is the first one:


“Mix half and half with bottle _____  CAUTION. This product contains _______ which may cause skin ____ certain individuals and a ______ test according to accompanying directions should first be made _____ product must not be used for ___ing the eyelashes or eyebrows. To do so may cause blindness. Use at your own risk. Contains 2 fl. oz. READ DIRECTIONS.”

This is the bottom of the bottle:


I’m not sure what mysterious substance was in this bottle, but I’m leaning towards some kind of hair dye product. What do you think?