Approaching the 2-week mark

Today is our 13th day of home ownership. A lot has happened since the last post and we have a lot of projects to share. There has been some progress with the floors and also with Big Project #1 – not to mention some unexpected architectural discoveries and how we (I) spent a significant portion […]

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We closed on the house on the 15th of December. The week leading up to it as well as pretty much every day thereafter have been full of house-related activity. Because of this,  Christmas and all of its accouterments was  the farthest thing from our minds. Yes, we are bad people. As the bad Christmas […]

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Big Project #1

The Pink Lady is a 2-family house. We will be living on the parlor and top floor and renting out the garden level apartment. The previous owner had the reverse configuration (lower duplex with top floor rental). After being downstairs neighbors for all of our married life, we decided it would be exceedingly luxurious to […]

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A glimmer of hope

There are some interesting color choices in our house. We named this one Crayola-Flesh-Color-Crayon, and it covers the walls, doors, window shutters (more on these in a later post), and all the trim work in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Luckily, whomever painted this some years ago didn’t use any primer. The paint just comes […]

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No! More! Vinyl! Floors!

I think the way I feel about vinyl floors is the same way some people feel about wire hangers. Of course, the top floor of the house was covered in vinyl flooring. In some cases, many  layers of vinyl flooring, like a sandwich of ugliness. I spent two days pulling it up with my trusty […]

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Hello there

Meet the Pink Lady. She is a 2-family brownstone in Brooklyn and she is also our new home. We have been wanting a house for a very very long time. We started looking in earnest this past summer when it seemed as the confluence of super low interest rates and lower property prices was just […]

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