Approaching the 2-week mark

Today is our 13th day of home ownership. A lot has happened since the last post and we have a lot of projects to share. There has been some progress with the floors and also with Big Project #1 – not to mention some unexpected architectural discoveries and how we (I) spent a significant portion of Christmas afternoon holding a (very) hot water shutoff valve to prevent our boiler from flooding the basement. Yes! Fun!

The trouble is there is no Internet at the house yet. So once we’re finished working for the day, we come home, shower and forage for some food. Some catatonic time is spent in front of the TV and we’re usually in bed just past 10-ish. We’ve  become incredibly boring and absolutely exhausted. But I promise to fight off sleepiness and post some photos tonight.

Time to head out and do some more floor scraping – swollen fingers and all.

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