And then your pooper ‘splodes….

After living like a bad episode of hoarders for several weeks, we managed to get unpacked this weekend. Things were going well and we were making steady progress: wardrobes were assembled, clothes were hung and all was well in our world.

That was until we discovered a rather large and foul smelling water feature in the basement.   Always the optimist, the hubs blamed it on the de-humidifier being off, but after testing all the faucets and toilets, we concluded that all of them – yes all – were dripping rather enthusiastically on our basement floor.


Plumbers will be coming today to evaluate the situation. We’re currently operating under a strict water conservation rule (no showers, no dishes, no pooping…)

We are hoping this is simply a matter of a clogged sewer drain. But I’m checking the black market rate for a kidney. Just in case.

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