NEDS is closing (for real this time)

You know that feeling when one of the items of your bucket list is soon to be no-more?

By now you probably figured out that architectural salvage is my kryptonite. I suppose I came by honestly, a child of parents who built a house with lots of old parts and who still have unused stained glass doors stashed in the garage.  While my parents are reasonable people and have a few items stashed away, I’m know to be a bit more, uh… impulsive or even hoard-y.

I’ve known about New England Demolition and Salvage for a long time. I always figured I’d make it up to their New Bedford warehouse at some point. I wasn’t in any rush, and the local dumpsters kept me supplied with more salvage than I could possibly use. I figured NEDS would always be there.

Well, I figured wrong. After  months of negotiating with a potential buyer to take over the operation, the place is actually closing for good. Everything is 50% off till the doors close on March 31st.

As of yesterday, they still had a good inventory of claw foot tubs and wall mounted sinks. They had a few marble counters similar to ours, but the two remaining under-mounted  sinks were broken (one was cracked, the other was totally busted).


They had beautiful stone laundry tubs that I haven’t the faintest idea how anyone could possible move from point a to point b.

Stone tub

boston nustone

I would be lying if I said I didn’t geek out over the old toilets and the wooden toiled tanks.

Old toilet

wooden toilet tank

There were still plenty of doors and windows, and a decent selection of balustrades and newel posts. There is still stuff to be had, however not anything we were looking for.

If you go: 73 Cove Street, New Bedford, MA. Hours: 9-5 daily. (508) 992-1099 /

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