Waking up from a long winter nap

We blew through our funds getting the garden apartment ready to rent, as well as spending money in the very un-glamurous-yet-very-necessary electrical and plumbing departments. Towards the end of last year, with the garden apartment rented, it was time to take a break and save up some cash for the projects ahead. They are:


Façade: This could potentially be a huge cost. The original façade is made of brownstone, which has been painted many times over the years. In its current iteration, it is pink. And it’s peeling. Our hope is once the paint is removed, the brownstone will be in good enough shape to be left alone, sans color. In case you are wondering, this is what it looks like now. Yes, we are the creepy house on the block….


Powder Room: Turning this once-closet back into a bathroom is the first step into a larger project of moving the kitchen down to the parlor level (it’s currently on the top floor, next to our bedroom).

Icky Parquet

Parlor Flooring: The original parquet floor is long gone. It’s been replaced with fake parquet, which was poorly installed and is lifting all over the place (the splotchy marks on it are not dirt, but residual glue form a sloppy installation). The idea is to replace it with period accurate parquet, with a nice border around it.

New Hatches: our house has two hatches, one in the front, one in the back. The front one was used as a coal chute, not sure what the one in the back was used for. In any case, both hatches are in dire need of replacement. The brick in the front hatch also needs repointing and the chute door needs a little love to make it look less like a horror movie set.

So yes, there is a lot of work ahead…

Happy New Year!

This fall was particularly busy as far as work for the both of us, so not a lot got done in the home front. We didn’t even get a chance to throw our 1-year houseversary party we planned for mid-December.

Looking back, we managed some key projects that made the house less of a hovel and more of a home. Remember this?


A lot of non-exciting yet crucial work has been done, such as updating the electrical and plumbing (I can’t stress how lovely it is to take a hot shower in the winter!). We also re-configured the house, making it an owner’s duplex over a garden rental (which is now rented – woo hoo!)

There is a lot on the list for 2013: restoring the parlor level powder room to its original location, laying the ground work for a new kitchen, addressing the super tiny third floor bathroom – those are the big projects. There are also plenty of little-ish projects to keep us busy along the way: removing popcorn from ceilings and walls, fixing cracks, stripping paint, re-painting… the list goes on and on.

So here is to another year of restoration adventures. Let the fun, uh, continue?!?

Oven-less Turkey


It’s our first Thanksgiving here at the Pink Lady. A lot of work has gone into the house – unfortunately none of it in our kitchen. As a result, we don’t have a working oven. Using the charcoal grill left by the previous owners, as well as a few bags of charcoal – voila! Behold our delicious Thanksgiving turkey!