Waking up from a long winter nap

We blew through our funds getting the garden apartment ready to rent, as well as spending money in the very un-glamurous-yet-very-necessary electrical and plumbing departments. Towards the end of last year, with the garden apartment rented, it was time to take a break and save up some cash for the projects ahead. They are: Façade: […]

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Happy New Year!

This fall was particularly busy as far as work for the both of us, so not a lot got done in the home front. We didn’t even get a chance to throw our 1-year houseversary party we planned for mid-December. Looking back, we managed some key projects that made the house less of a hovel […]

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Oven-less Turkey

  It’s our first Thanksgiving here at the Pink Lady. A lot of work has gone into the house – unfortunately none of it in our kitchen. As a result, we don’t have a working oven. Using the charcoal grill left by the previous owners, as well as a few bags of charcoal – voila! […]

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