Happy New Year!

This fall was particularly busy as far as work for the both of us, so not a lot got done in the home front. We didn’t even get a chance to throw our 1-year houseversary party we planned for mid-December.

Looking back, we managed some key projects that made the house less of a hovel and more of a home. Remember this?


A lot of non-exciting yet crucial work has been done, such as updating the electrical and plumbing (I can’t stress how lovely it is to take a hot shower in the winter!). We also re-configured the house, making it an owner’s duplex over a garden rental (which is now rented – woo hoo!)

There is a lot on the list for 2013: restoring the parlor level powder room to its original location, laying the ground work for a new kitchen, addressing the super tiny third floor bathroom – those are the big projects. There are also plenty of little-ish projects to keep us busy along the way: removing popcorn from ceilings and walls, fixing cracks, stripping paint, re-painting… the list goes on and on.

So here is to another year of restoration adventures. Let the fun, uh, continue?!?

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