Are we there yet?

Bedroom update

The great bedroom saga has been quite the epic (as in long and torturous) project. Here is a recap and here is a tour of the whole third floor as it used to be.

A full post is to come, but here is what it’s looking like

Betroom wall

The first coat of paint is on the walls, but it hasn’t really been cut in yet, so it’s sloppy around the edges . This drives me crazy, as I can’t stand sloppy paint jobs. (Yes, it’s yellow. More on that later). All everything that appears to be painted white isn’t really painted yet – it’s just primer, so that’s why it looks blotchy and gross. Other notable improvements: there is a ceiling! And moldings! The picture rail took a bad beating from the paint stripper, but we decided to keep it as is rather than replace it (there is a pretty close match that can be had for about $6 foot + shipping. Husband used the kryptonite word “but this one is original to the house.” Dammit! he wins)

Berdoom light fixture

Ah, the ceiling of proper height and no popcorn! The fact that it’s not really painted? Totally small potatoes in comparison… The light fixture is up, but it will need to come down so we can get rid of that glob of paint leftover from its previous life on a ceiling somewhere in Detroit.

(that goofy looking light bulb is a faux Edison LED bulb. The light is crazy yellow and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Evidently I don’t feel strongly enough to remove it. Inertia is a powerful thing)


Austerity (or the fear of unannounced visitors)

Progress has been slow these days and work happens in fits and bursts. In the 3 years since we’ve taken over care of the Pink Lady, there has been a grad school graduation, a new job, and a miscellany of small events that go along with being an adult (ha!). In other words, life continues to chug along and compete for time with the house projects.

We got to the point where we grew accustomed to the detritus that comes with living through construction:  don’t mind that door leaning against the balustrade; pay no attention to that massive tile cutter in the foyer. Oh, those 803 bricks stashed under the stoop? Yeah, we’ll get to them at some point. You accumulate things you have grand plans for, yet never seem to get around to the execution phase. (We are prolific accumulators of architectural salvage. In my mind, that makes it all OK and not crazy. Not at all…)

I’m tired of the piles of stuff everywhere, the stuff we’ll get to eventually, yet never seem to. I’m so tired of being worried one of the neighbors might knock on our door and I may have to invite them in and let them see our utilitarian hovel. I don’t know about you, but I believe that unannounced visitors are the Kryptonite of the DIYer. Anytime we have friends over, there is a at least a half day worth of frenzied cleaning and organizing and just shoving things behind a door we won’t let anyone open (don’t go in there – fumes! the magical word that keeps people away). As we learned, normal people don’t have a 120-year old salvaged sink and marble vanity sitting in their hallway for months. Weird.

All this brings me to the Austerity Measures we have just declared. This year, no big projects will get started. Instead, we’ll focus on finishing what we have already started, then we’ll focus on “quality of life projects,”  like finally banishing all traces the Muppet Flesh paint (even if it means painting over it for now), to pulling up the shitty parquet floor in the parlor (the floor has been helping us along by removing itself from the subfloor) and finally  accepting the fact that our new kitchen is light years away and might as well spruce up the one with have.

We haven’t been total slackers, though. After redoing the bedroom ceiling and stripping the walls, it’s looking like this (walls have been primed, not painted yet).

Progress has been made

Progress has been made

Still working on that picture rail that lost most of its detailing in the stripping process.

If you recall, it used to look like this (shield your eyes, not for the faint of heart):

At the point of no return.

At the point of no return.

Our seam-taping skilsl have improved considerably and I’m happy to report that there are no visible seams, bumps or other unsightly blemished on our new ceiling.

On we go. What are the odds we get to move back into our bedroom before August 3, 2015 (the 2 year anniversary of this project)?

Approaching the 2-week mark

Today is our 13th day of home ownership. A lot has happened since the last post and we have a lot of projects to share. There has been some progress with the floors and also with Big Project #1 – not to mention some unexpected architectural discoveries and how we (I) spent a significant portion of Christmas afternoon holding a (very) hot water shutoff valve to prevent our boiler from flooding the basement. Yes! Fun!

The trouble is there is no Internet at the house yet. So once we’re finished working for the day, we come home, shower and forage for some food. Some catatonic time is spent in front of the TV and we’re usually in bed just past 10-ish. We’ve  become incredibly boring and absolutely exhausted. But I promise to fight off sleepiness and post some photos tonight.

Time to head out and do some more floor scraping – swollen fingers and all.