French Doors

I realize that most of my posts seem to be about floors – so let’s mix it up with some doors!

A couple of weeks ago we scored a free pair of French doors on the interwebs. The idea was to use them to create a separation between the bedroom and the living room in the garden apartment.

It used to look like this:

Looking through archway from bedroom to living room

The existing archway was not at all in keeping with the character of the house, since there are no archways anywhere else. Best we can tell, the archway was probably created around the 1930s, because the material used (rock lath, the precursor of drywall) was smushed in it among the original lath wall. Besides not matching the rest of the house, the archway  provided zero privacy for the sleeping area. It was time for it to go.

A little fun was had with demolition and the helping hand of a friend.

The arch is no more

Enter the awesome vintage French doors. With a little trimming (the doors were mismatched and needed to be cut so that the glass panels lined up properly), we now have this:

Doors in place

There is still some finishing work that needs to happen, but overall I’m super psyched about these doors!

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