3 months

It seems that all we’ve done for the past trimester is work on the house. We haven’t really gone anywhere, done anything, or seen much of our friends. We have made some progress, particularly in the garden apartment. But the list continues, and as always the biggest to do remains to win the lottery – so we can afford to finish up our reno…


Install water heater (DONE)

Convert boiler from oil to gas

Remove wood paneling walls

Replace front and rear hatches

Update electrical panels (DONE)

Create laundry area (DONE)

Replace flooring

Improve lighting

Create workshop area

Create storage area (DONE)

Paint access stairway (wall and pipes)

Replace lighting fixture with something more suitable


Remove tile in hallway and replace with wood (DONE)

Paint hallway and stairs (DONE)

Replace runner on stairs

Create new apartment entrance with coat/shoe nook (DONE)

Create actual functioning closet in former scary closet hallway (DONE)

Remove upper cabinets in kitchen (DONE)

Remove island and cook top (DONE)

Patch up hole left by kitchen island

Remove built-in oven and replace with range

Install French doors (DONE)

Fix floor under removed kitchen cabinet

Create proper laundry area (using existing hookups) (DONE)

Re-grout and install new shelves in bathroom

Install GFI receptacles near sinks in bathroom and kitchen

Install weather stripping on garden access door

Remove blinds

Free panted in shutters (DONE)


Replace plastic chandelier (DONE)

Replace hallway/entry way light

Add ceiling medallions in living room and hallway

Fix kitchen ceiling

Fix kitchen radiator

Replace fireplace cover with original cast iron cover

Paint entry alcove (DONE)

Clean out storage under stoop (DONE)



Remove improvised room divider between front parlor and middle room

Demo closet/bathroom hybrid (DONE)

Re-install bathroom in closet location

Create kitchen/dining area in current rear parlor/bathroom

Build deck for yard access

Remove tiles in hallway, replace with wood

Remove fake parquet, replace with wood

Restore staircase (replace broken/worn steps, address excessive creaking)

Fix bubbling plaster under stairs

Skim coat as needed

Replace copper fireplace cover with original cast iron

Re-strip fireplace to remove left-behind paint and dirt in existing varnish

Re-glaze rear parlor mirror

Fix front parlor fireplace where wood is cracked

Replace front hall lighting fixture

Add light in entry alcove

Remove random doorway into rear parlor (from hallway)

Add door to garden level for privacy

Replace windows


Refinish floors (DONE, for now)

Address new floor plan. Move master bedroom to rear, create master bath.

Turn micro-bathroom into walk-in closet

Clean and repair stained glass skylight

Look at the possibility of moving roof access ladder from its current location to closet in spare bedroom

Free up skylight in middle room

Remove and repair ceilings in front and rear rooms

Clean up painted-over air shaft windows

Remove Dumb Waiter gears in attic for use as decoration somewhere

Skim coat

Remove tile in hallway and replace with wood

Strip both front and rear mantels

Strip and repair woodwork

Replace windows

Re-glaze mirror at top of the stairs


Create doors for existing closet

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