The entryway in our parlor floor has a lot going for it, yet is suffers from a constant malaise of gloominess. Brownstones are notoriously dark given the lack of side windows, and even though our front door is about 50% glass, this is still a dark and moody part of the house. The skylight above the staircase helps a lot, but whatever it contributes, the current wall color sucks away.

Yes the paint colors matches the cat.

Right now, I’m thinking this will help fix it:

Granny Smith White and Pure White

Before painting the wall needs a skim coat, since the plaster is cracking in some places and you can see paint drips from previous paint drips throughout. Paint drips are my nemesis!  I figured once I have the colors picked, there will be no more excuses to get this project underway (ha!). After two trips to the BedStuy Home Depot (first time I forgot the paint chips and couldn’t remember the name of the color), I’m painting a section of the wall with  Granny Smith White as the main color (in a satin finish), with the picture rail Pure White (in semi gloss) and the area above the picture rail and the ceiling Pure White (in satin finish). Off to apply the second coat (and yell at the paint drips some more). I’ll post pictures in a few days.

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