Behind schedule, but still chugging along

There is a saying among us freelancers: if work is slow, book a vacation and all of a sudden everyone will want to hire you. I suppose the same can be said about starting a big any house project. Things were pretty slow when I signed up for this year’s Apartment Therapy Style Cure, and now things aren’t slow anymore.

I was able to complete a lot of assignments from the comfort of my computer: style questionnaire? Check. Room ground-plan? Check. Room problem areas? Check. Shop for things you like? Check. But now that it’s time to implement the plan, I’m way way behind.

With the Interwebs as my enabler, I purchased the following items:

Bar Cart

Bar Cart (



Rug (chosen because the pattern/color is likely to hide cat puke) (


Fancy Picture rail hook

Fancy victorian picture rail hook (


Simple picture rail hook

A not so fancy picture rail hook – just in case the other one didn’t work. (


And that’s how far I got. While most normal people have been enjoying their refreshed rooms, mine looks just like it did before.  Ba-Humbug.


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