Haven’t you always wanted…

…a vintage stove?




The Detroit Jewel. Before it became known as Motor City, Detroit was known as a place where stoves were made.

Second Chance in Baltimore had a huge selection of vintage stoves when we were there about a month ago. They were inexpensive, but in varying stages of disrepair – although they all looked like they could be restored.

I know exactly zero about stove repair and what it takes to get these puppies working safely again. It looked like cosmetic stuff,  but what do I know? I really wanted to get the Detroit Jewel one (the baking oven, the warming oven – I’m an oven kind of gal, I’m indifferent about the stovetop) but we are so many light years away from having a real kitchen, we ended up walking away.

(I’m pretty sure the Detroit Jewel it will haunt me).

(apologies for the crappy photos – my phone needs glasses, it seems)

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