Oh the things you will find.

Old houses are full of surprises. Busted pipes, wonky electrical wiring… but once is a while you find some odd things hidden in the walls, under the floor boards, or buried in the back yard.

Unfortunately, our dream of finding a wad of cash has yet to come true. We have, however found this:

Petrified orange

I think this is an orange.  I found it in the crown molding above the parlor bathroom. It’s been there for quite some time, since the paint drips are of a color that is a couple of layers below the muppet flesh I just painted over.

In my  mind, I picture a couple of kids playing a game of “orange tag”, and somehow someone overshot the citrus and it got stuck until I found it.

Not as exciting (or useful) as a pile of cash, but certainly unusual.

Other items we found:


Toy Gun


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