Big Project Week 3

So it’s more of the same, really.

As we removed the paint, we noticed that the stones needed mortar (re-mortared? is that a word?). Anyway, the appropriate mixture was made (light on the cement, heavy on the lime) so that it won’t dry too hard and damage the stone. The color mixture is a little tricky, but I think ours turned out pretty well.

The cornice got a second coat of paint (matte black, oil based), and it’s looking mighty fine, if I do say so myself.

The biggest thing that happened is half of the scaffolding came down.


So then we got to see our handy work a bit better:


At some point, the façade was patched, which what we presume is cement. It’s impossible to remove the paint from it. Eventually we’ll have a mason come take a look at it and maybe drill it out and fix it properly. But for now, the house will have a few splotches of pink.

So onto the home stretch!

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