One bold step

Our brownstone is pink. Well, at the moment it’s mostly pink, as the paint is peeling in large chunks. Yep, it’s starting to look really bad. Not only does it look bad, but paint is also bad for the brownstone itself. It traps moisture and causes the stone to basically turn into sand. Not good. […]

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Waking up from a long winter nap

We blew through our funds getting the garden apartment ready to rent, as well as spending money in the very un-glamurous-yet-very-necessary electrical and plumbing departments. Towards the end of last year, with the garden apartment rented, it was time to take a break and save up some cash for the projects ahead. They are: Façade: […]

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Making an entrance

The entry way to the garden level apartment used to be a narrow hallway flanked by a mishmash of closets. The space was barely wide enough for a person to get through – a fairly thin person that is. There was also evidence of some major water damage and a lot of rotted wood. Yum! […]

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French Doors

I realize that most of my posts seem to be about floors – so let’s mix it up with some doors! A couple of weeks ago we scored a free pair of French doors on the interwebs. The idea was to use them to create a separation between the bedroom and the living room in […]

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Big Project #1

The Pink Lady is a 2-family house. We will be living on the parlor and top floor and renting out the garden level apartment. The previous owner had the reverse configuration (lower duplex with top floor rental). After being downstairs neighbors for all of our married life, we decided it would be exceedingly luxurious to […]

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