Happy New Year!

This fall was particularly busy as far as work for the both of us, so not a lot got done in the home front. We didn’t even get a chance to throw our 1-year houseversary party we planned for mid-December. Looking back, we managed some key projects that made the house less of a hovel […]

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3 months

It seems that all we’ve done for the past trimester is work on the house. We haven’t really gone anywhere, done anything, or seen much of our friends. We have made some progress, particularly in the garden apartment. But the list continues, and as always the biggest to do remains to win the lottery – […]

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1 Month

Today we have owned the Pink Lady for one month and moving day is looming closer. As a result, activity at the hosue is focused mostly on getting our duplex cleaned up and some basic fixes out of the way because as the layers are peeled away, new problems sprout. For instance, we found out […]

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Approaching the 2-week mark

Today is our 13th day of home ownership. A lot has happened since the last post and we have a lot of projects to share. There has been some progress with the floors and also with Big Project #1 – not to mention some unexpected architectural discoveries and how we (I) spent a significant portion […]

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